1. KT3

    [MODS] Before & After Transformation

    Hello all, So I managed to do more than I wanted on my car this summer. Honestly, the only thing left to do is drop a stage 2 whipple in there.. Mods: JLT CAI, Corsa Xtreme Headers Xtreme Sound Corsa Xtreme Cat-back exhaust Dyno tuned (480whp ~) SVE R350 Rims - 19x10 / 19x11 // 285/305...
  2. Installing JLT Cold Air Kit (Video)

    Hey All! just wanted to show a couple how-to videos we have on our YouTube channel. We plan to keep adding more video, so make sure to subscribe to our channel!! <——— the detailed install of how we did it! Thanks
  3. Ldawn318

    2015 Whipple S550 For Sale

    $35,000 • 19,655 Miles • Six Speed Manual Transmission • 19” Black Ford Alloy Wheels • 2.9 Whipple Supercharger • 132mm Elliptical Throttle Body • 72 lb DeatschWerks Injectors • Oversized Heat Exchanger • 6 Rib Belt System • UPR Single Valve Catch Can (driver and passenger side) • Mishimoto...
  4. Jonspeed

    Washington 2015 Mustang GT Premium w/Perf Package- Whipple SC + Many Mods

    Hello, Interested in selling my car, serious inquires only please. No joy rides/ and test drives only with cash/check in hand. We are expecting another child and are doing home renovations. My loss is your gain, I've barely driven this car after all these mods due to personal issues and since...
  5. 1995 Cobra R

    1995 Cobra R

  6. 95CobraR


  7. RDP Store

    Auto Blip now available at RDP Store

    RDP Store gives two thumbs up to the AUTO-BLiP. It is a new patent pending electronic device that will automatically blip (open) the throttle when downshifting gears on an automobile equipped with a manual transmission and an electronic accelerator pedal system. AUTO-BLiP works by monitoring...
  8. Not a new axle thread but 3.73 axle vs HP

    Ok so I have a 468/447 HP/TQ pony. That in 105 degree Houston weather can run a 4 second flat 0-60, and almost sub 9 second 100. I love that neck snap, I havnt tracked my stang yet, since its new but planned on it, so I got 3.31 rear gears, Im still fast after mods. But kind of regret not...
  9. Speedometer re-calibration? 3.73 gears,tires

    Howdy, I am trying to go from a 27.3 diameter tire to a 28+ diameter tire and go from a rear axle of 3.31 to 3.73. I know mechanically it will be not so bad but I dont know how to re-calibrate my ECU or speedometer. I could buy a tuner but not sure if that would void my warranty by just...
  10. Anthony@FFtec

    FFTEC's EFR Turbo System: ~24PSI Dyno Numbers

    On a whim, today we took the opportunity to strap our MEB onto a friends Dynojet :D. We were having some issues with tach pick-up, and it is reflective in the dyno plot vs. Engine RPM. As such, plots against speed are also shown. All tests were performed in 4th gear, near back to back. At...
  11. Anthony@FFtec

    FFTEC EcoPro Intercooler Group-Buy!! Save up to 28% off MSRP!

    If you’ve been looking for the perfect intercooler upgrade for your Mustang EB, browse no more! We’ve elected to host a group buy, offering huge savings the Mustang Ecoboost community! An intercooler is the best upgrade you can make to your Mustang EB! After extensive testing on our Mustang...