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  1. Michigan 17x10/17x4.5 Street Lite Drag Pack

    with tires?
  2. California Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R 26x6x18

    still available?
  3. California 2016 Mustang GT PP Manual…….Highly Modified

    One of the most complete fully modded and maintained build that I have ever witnessed. Sad day but I’m sure you’ll be back into another project. Recommended seller and would buy this car.
  4. California ATI 20% 10 rib balancer $325

    interested in more pictures as well please.
  5. Rpg racing engines

    Yeah dude shouldve done it. And Dave is the man lol. @Equinsu_Ocha i owe him big time. Always taking care of me lol
  6. Rpg racing engines

    Start Up video
  7. Rpg racing engines

    Finally got mine finished. Damn COVID Will did a great job. Happy. Frankensteined Heads and 5.2 Predator combo.
  8. Header install around Sacramento or Bay Area

    My buddy does it in Oakley. Id have to ask him to see if hes willing to do a header install.
  9. Built short block rpg

    My 5.2 Predator motor Frankensteined ported heads just got finished by RPG. Going to run with my Gen 3 Whipple and see if I can reach 1000 to the wheels.
  10. SuperCharger Install Dealer in Bay Area?

    I can vouch for DB252 he's worked on my car w a lot of installs and helped a lot of members on here.
  11. 1000hp , Whipple 2.9, whats needed?

    Wow thats impressive Bob. My coyote motor took a dump, Lifted both head gaskets and burnt the top of the block.