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  1. California Silicon Valley 2004 Base Manual

    Nice job of taking a basic car and doin' the good stuff to it. GLWS.
  2. Mustang GT4 at Road America

    I have not found this to be the case. There are plenty of "gentleman racers" out there that keep the pros at bay. Half of the pros out there are only there because of their sponsor money. They are mediocre at best. I've watched "amateurs" qualify for WOO dirt races with junkyard motors. I've...
  3. Horrible understeer

    There is some truth to that, however, not all spacers are created equal. 12mm hub-centric spacers exist that have a very thin section between the body and the hub extension. Theoretically, with enough torque, they will hold up. In practice ... not guaranteed (especially if they are anodized)...
  4. Horrible understeer

    I always trail braked into that one. My problem was oversteer on exit. Especially terrifying because there was astro turf on runout there way back when.
  5. Ford Performance track shocks and struts with OEM GT non PP springs

    The FP track struts/shocks are a good choice. I agree with @NightmareMoon that the gt350 springs will work better with those struts/shocks. If you decide to go with the GT350 springs you'll need two of the left rears if I remember correctly. Search; you'll be able to confirm if it is the left...
  6. Which Kit is better? Stop the Hop or the Cradle Bushing Lockout Kit?

    I went a different route. I removed the stop-the-hop kit and installed a whiteline bushing kit to replace the factory subframe bushings. The subframe has to be removed to install the new bushings, so I installed the BMR BK055 LCA bearings at the same time. This is a significant improvement...
  7. How to make Ecoboost clutch feel softer?

    The OP's car probably has an aftermarket spring in it currently. The OP should try a stock spring and see if that makes a difference. An Ecoboost clutch shouldn't feel any heavier than a GT.
  8. Per Ford (officially) the 2011-2019 F150/Mustang 5.0 “Typewriter Tick” is a normal characteristic

    I am not going to read through this 37 page rant session to see how many people understand what is going on, but I'll suggest to the folks that don't like the tick to run a 10W30 not a 5W30 and stay away from 5W20 unless you are running a high quality synthetic like RedLine, AMSOil or Royal...
  9. Odd Vibration

    I had my Ecoboost engine replaced at about 75 thousand miles. While the car was in, I had all the fluids changed. When I got it back, the 6sp manual transmission made much more noise under normal conditions, didn't shift well at high rpm and had an occasional vibration on decel after high rpm...
  10. 4.11 gears for Ecoboost!

    I was just in my spreadsheet for gearing with different rear ends and transmissions. Here are some charts of the Ecoboost with 4.09 and 3.55 rear gears. I don't like to run the ecoboost below 2000 rpm. The 4.09 gear set makes sixth gear much more usable. 4.09 3.55
  11. Subframe Alignment Bushings didn't work??

    Typically, no. But it can be off and the alignment inserts minimize that.
  12. Another BK081 vs BK055 spherical bearing fyi

    The Steeda sphericals in front gave me the same stiction issue as the BK 055s in the rear, but it only lasted a day or two.
  13. Another BK081 vs BK055 spherical bearing fyi

    The 55s loosen up with about 500 miles of "exercising" them. I'd recommend them over the 81s any day.
  14. PFC Rotors - High Perf Alternative

    I've been in contact with Grahame about these rotors. Fronts are currently in stock and rears will be available in 4 to 6 weeks. I'm on the fence about converting to use these rotors with the GTPP calipers on my Ecoboost. No guarantee the calipers will clear my 18" wheels. I'm running 15mm...