First Thousand S550 Mustangs in the UK

That’s right, Richard Hammond isn’t the only one having fun with the S550 Mustang in the United Kingdom.

Ford of Europe has announced that the first 1,000 Ford Mustangs have been delivered to customers in the UK.

The global S550 Mustang has seen strong growth in Europe overall and the UK is no exception, with total sales surpassing 3,500 Mustangs. Ford notes that 80 percent of UK customers have opted for the fastback body style and 68 percent have specified the 416PS 5.0-liter V8 Coyote as their engine of choice.

And if you thought the manual transmission take rate was down, our neighbors across the pond actually preferred it over the six-speed automatic, with 54 percent opting to row their own gears.

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