DIY: Access Your Mustang’s Hidden Settings (Control Module Configuration)

Even as most S550 Mustang enthusiasts will tinker with their vehicles few know how to access certain special hidden settings that can be done by configuring the vehicle’s various control modules.

Using a combination of hardware and software, you can run diagnostics on your S550 and modify your Mustang’s As-Built data which allows you to change many settings and parameters on your vehicle.

In order to do so you will need to purchase a small Bluetooth plug-in device (OBDLink MX) and download a program called FORScan. This combination will allow you to connect to the control module and change settings you never knew you could.

This allows for unparalleled customization access including the ability to enable OEM remote start and remote starter climate control features, enabling/disabling daytime running lights, disable horn honks and seat belt chimes, among many other settings.

To do so, you can follow this excellent DIY guide compiled by a Mustang6G member.  In the process of going through the various control modules you may also discover, as another M6G user did that the GT350 “Track Key” many are anticipating is already in place and ready to be switched on.

See the Modifying As-Built Data Guide in the forums.