Custom S550 Mustang Headlights

Back in May, we showcased an S550 Mustang headlight modification that blacks out the chrome accents surrounding the headlights and amber corners.

Now, one S550 owner has used those do-it-yourself steps to create headlights customized to match his Race Red 2016 Mustang GT.

By spraying the headlight surrounds and daytime running lights with Rust-Oleum Cherry Red enamel spray paint and painting all of the remaining accent trims semi-gloss black, M6G member Niz55 then cooked the headlights again before applying clear enamel spray.

To protect the newly painted headlights, the outer edges were sealed using RTV translucent liquid silicon rated at 400-degrees Fahrenheit.

The end result are color-matched headlights that look as great in the nighttime as they do during the day.

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