5.0L Dyno Chart Compilation

Ostensibly, a dynamometer is used to determine the torque and power characteristics of a machine under test. Even beyond these basic measurements, a dyno is used as a testbed for a variety of engine development, calibration and modifications.

We enthusiasts know there is more to it than that, however. Short of clocking time at the track, the dyno is the place where all your hours of research, analysis, picking and choosing the right modifications, testing different parts, and investing time and money into your ideal setup are often put to the test.

While we all know that dyno results only tell part of the story and can vary greatly among different dynos, vehicles, and conditions, it can be a useful tool to help enthusiasts understand which modifications to pursue and what type of results to expect.

2015-16 Mustang GT owners have been sharing their dyno charts and results with the Mustang6G community and we invite you to do the same.

See the 5.0L Coyote V8 dyno chart compilation in the forums.