2017 Shelby GT350 Pricing

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Here is your first look at the complete pricing info for the 2017 Shelby GT350 and GT350R including the base vehicle and all packages and options.

The dealer-sourced pricing document contains both MSRP and invoice prices and as it turns out, the initial rumors that the base 2017 GT350 would be priced at $56,495 turned out to be dead on. The good news is that includes the gas guzzler tax and destination and delivery.

With all of the previous track pack bits included as standard equipment on the base 2017 GT350, many expected the price of the 2015-16 GT350 track package to be wholly added to the price of the base 2017 model year vehicle. In fact, that is exactly what Ford has done and pricing will remain exactly the same for a comparably equipped vehicle when accounting for the slightly higher destination and delivery charge.

This will be welcomed news for GT350 buyers who feared that prices would increase to take advantage of the still overwhelming demand and high mark-ups at dealerships for the vehicle.

See the full 2017 GT350 pricing for all equipment, packages and options in the forums.


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