2018 Mustang GT Active Exhaust Modes Compared

This certainly isn’t the first video demonstrating the 2018 Mustang GT’s active exhaust modes and digital instrument cluster, but it may be the best one yet.

The new Mustang’s active valve exhaust has three modes — quiet, sport and track, which are driver-selectable on the fly. The question up until now is just how much audible difference there is between each mode. This video answers that and then some, with the driver revving to redline to allow a crowd of enthusiasts to hear firsthand the wide range from the neighborhood-safe quiet mode to the raucous howl of the track mode.

It also provides an up-close look at the sharp new digital instrument cluster as the driver sifts through the modes and opens up the throttle.

Check out this video of the 2018 Mustang GT active exhaust and digital cluster demonstration.