2015 Mustang Teaser Analyzed

After Ford released its first official teaser of the 2015 Mustang yesterday, there’s been much debate on the forums about which part of the S550 Mustang is shown in the teaser image. The opinions appear to be divided between members who believe it is the door sill and those that believe it is the rear decklid of the next-generation Stang.

The image above, created by none other than chazcron, shows us how this teaser image would look incorporated into the rear of his now-famous 3D models and renderings.  It shows a new rear end that ditches the traditional faux gas cap of its predecessors in place of an unadorned pony emblem in a full sprint-stride.  We can also confirm that the teaser image is in fact of the rear of the 2015 Mustang, albeit one version of it.

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