2015 Mustang Named Best of the Year in Motorweek Drivers’ Choice Awards

The 2015 Mustang has just been named the “Best of the Year” in Motorweek’s annual Drivers’ Choice Awards!

“Usually when a car gets as much hype as this sixth gen Mustang, it rarely lives up to it. Not the case here, as every version we’ve driven, we’ve found better than advertised… The 2015 Ford Mustang is not just a redesign, but a restart for the icon. It shows that while Ford has a great sense of history and admiration for what the Mustang has done for the brand, they are not standing still; rather looking forward.” said Motorweek.

The S550 Mustang also picks up the accolade as the Best Sports Coupe — with Motorweek writing, “It fully lives up to Ford’s claim of being a world class sports car, and it’s a game changer for sure.”

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