2015 Mustang Harness Installation

If you are a 2015 Mustang track enthusiast, you will want to have a look at this step-by-step installation of the Schroth Rallye 4 safety harness from Schroth Racing.

M6G member ANCHORMON, owner of a 2015 Mustang EcoBoost with Performance Package, took the time to install this 4 point harness on his factory Recaros before his upcoming scheduled track days.

The installation was helped by one of the key advantages of the Schroth harness — the ability to install the belts to the stock harness mounting locations.  With a built-in quick release tail strap, it allows one to retain the use of the Mustang’s backseats.  And the stock mounting locations ensure that this road-legal and DOT-approved set up has already been load tested from the factory.

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