Video: Corsa Performance GT350 Double Helixx X-Pipe Exhaust System

Corsa Performance has been busy prototyping a new double x-pipe cat back exhaust system for the 2016-17 Shelby GT350 Mustang and they’ve just released a video preview of the big sound upgrade it provides.

Using Corsa’s Double Helixx X-Pipe design to free up the factory x-pipe restriction, this exhaust system retains the factory cats and mufflers and removes the GT350 mid-section’s restrictive resonators.

In its void Corsa has added a full 3-inch diameter pipe which double-crosses to significantly amplify the exhaust note. The end result is a blend of the exhaust gases to produce a clean and exotic exhaust note.

Check out Corsa Performance’s video preview of its 2016-17 Shelby GT350 Double Helixx X-Pipe Exhaust System.