Spinel Green 2019 Mustang First Look!

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A few months ago members of our forum discovered 2019 Mustang paint codes for the Ford Mustang. Among the color palette is one called “Spinel Green” which sparked speculation that it could either be a placeholder or successor for the Dark Highland Green paint used for the Bullitt Mustang we all know is coming.

We’re now able to put that to rest with the first photos of the Spinel Green paint on a 2019 Mustang body shell, thanks to Mustang6G member TSMam.

While Spinel Green is certainly not pretending to be a DHG replacement or stand-in, this bold green paint color will be welcomed by many Mustang fans after the discontinuation of Guard in 2016, the closest green paint option available for the Ford Mustang since Gotta Have It Green bowed out with the 2014 Mustang (S197).┬áIt’s therefore only appropriate that Spinel Green shows hints of Gotta Have It Green and, to our eyes, a mix of Grabber Green as well.

Although the new year just started, you may not have to wait long to order a Spinel Green Mustang, as a recent Ford Fleet Distribution Bulletin showed that 2019 Mustang orders could begin as early as March 2018.

Until then, feast your eyes on the very first real-life photos of the Spinel Green 2019 Mustang.


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