Spied: S550 Mach 1 Mule?

Over the last year, we have heard numerous rumblings that the next S550 Mustang performance variant will be the return of the Mach 1, last seen for the 2003-04 (New Edge) Mustang.

For weeks now there has been a S550 Mustang mule seen testing near Ford’s facilities in Dearborn, Michigan that had piqued our interest and that of many Mustang6G members.

We finally caught up to it for a clearer look of what could be one of the first sightings of a mule for the 2017/2018 Mach 1 Mustang.

Hiding in plain sight in a Euro-spec Mustang GT body, this powertrain mule shows quad-tipped exhaust and has a beefier rear axle, according to sources. A U.S. spec version of this mule has also been seen testing in the area.

As this is just a test mule, we will have to wait until a camouflaged prototype appears to discover other clues about the engineering and cosmetic changes we can expect to see from this upcoming special edition Mustang.

Check out the full set of photos of this potential 2017/2018 Mach 1 Mustang mule.