Render: 2018/19 Shelby GT500

When it comes to an icon like the Ford Mustang, any change to the design is usually met with as much excitement and anticipation as it is with a bit of anxiety.

We all know that an exterior refresh is coming in a few short months for the 2018 model year S550 Mustang, followed shortly by the next-generation Shelby GT500 which will be built upon the refreshed look and add a lot of aggressive styling and performance parts to go along with the new “Predator’ engine.

Until Ford officially pulls off the covers, we enthusiasts are left to salivate (or groan) over artist renditions of the next horsepower king– the 2018/19 GT500.

This rendering from M6G member JC Design, one of several he has done, shows us a speculative guess at what the next Cobra could look like.

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