2015 Mustang Must Gallop On Global Stage (in Design and Engineering)

In an interview with Ford of Europe design chief, Martin Smith at the Geneva Auto Show, the Ford executive acknowledged the immense challenge in designing the 2015 Mustang, rumored to be on the new s550 platform.  Mr. Smith said that Ford has “a knife edge to walk” in designing a new Mustang that maintains the beloved Mustang identity while appealing to new customers in Europe and other parts of the world:

GENEVA — Ford Motor Co.’s product development team is facing its toughest challenge yet in developing a global design language: creating a Mustang that works outside North America.

The next Mustang, scheduled to arrive next year, is scheduled for sale in Europe and other parts of the world. For Ford of Europe design chief Martin Smith, that means Ford has “a knife edge to walk” in keeping the fabled pony car attractive to American loyalists while appealing to new buyers.

“That is a really interesting challenge,” Smith said in an interview at the Geneva auto show. “What will emerge from that whole process is one of the best sports cars in the world and one that is still affordable.”
“It won’t cost $1 million,” he added, in a reference to the several seven-figure models on display in Geneva.

The development process is moving the Mustang to Ford global design and engineering standards, while trying to maintain its identity as “a North American icon,” Smith said. The next-generation Ford Edge also will be sold in Europe.

Although a few Mustangs have been sold in Europe by private importers, Ford will sell the next generation through its dealer network as part of the “one Ford” push initiated by CEO Alan Mulally.
Ford also showed the five-seat Tourneo Connect, the next generation of the Transit Connect in the United States.


[Source: Dave Guilford of Auto News]