Honeywell Garrett 2015+ EcoBoost Mustang CARB Drop-in Intercooler

Introducing the Honeywell Garrett intercooler created for the 2015+ 2.3-liter Mustang EcoBoost — with a 60% larger core than stock, this intercooler is engineered to support up to 600-horsepower while providing a dramatic reduction in inlet temperatures.

The intercooler’s aluminum core features advanced offset fin design and vacuum brazed bar-and-plate construction resulting in superior thermal and fatigue performance. CFD optimized cast aluminum end tanks reduces recirculation and maximizes flow.

Honeywell reports that their intercooler is rated for up to 600 horsepower and the complete assembly results in up to a 30% reduction in pressure drop and up to a 40-degree reduction in charge air temperature.

See the full technical details and video of the Honeywell Garett 2015+ Mustang EcoBoost drop-in intercooler inside.