GT350 5.2L Voodoo Engine Comparison

Car and Driver recently called the new 5.2L flat plane crank “Voodoo” V8 engine in the 2015/2016 Shelby GT350 the “most interesting engine of the year.”

Certainly it is the most intriguing engine to ever grace a Mustang, and at 526-horsepower the most powerful naturally-aspirated production engine Ford has ever made.

The decidedly unconventional choice of powertrain has led to many comparisons, many of which are found in more exotic vehicles with a much higher price tag.

M6G member Sticky of BoostAddict recently put together this detailed comparison of the Voodoo V8 engine to the best modern naturally aspirated performance engines produced in the past decade.

See how the specifications and Dynojet output of the GT350 stacks up in the FORUMS.