wrecked 2018 whipple mustang rebuild

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    Hey all, I`m new to the page but not to mustangs. I have had a few 3vs, 5.0s (2012/2013), and a 08 Shelby. I`ve been wanting an s550 for the longest and the opportunity finally came up. It has tons of mods on it and also found a dyno sheet from paramount speed it`s doing 682.13 to the wheels. I got it at the auction wrecked. I bought a donor car for parts. It did not star when I got it. Ended up making her turn on with some starting fluid but would shut off when I press the gas. I finally found the issue which is fuel related have not fixed it yet. I have some new wheels, cowl hood, and other goodies for it. I am planing a full color change any options? Heres a video I put on youtube. I`ll upload more soon there but post here more regularly. Enjoy!

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