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Nov 18, 2014
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"WOW" That's It Detail Spray 16oz $14.20 With Code PHIL5 At Checkout.

"WOW!" is what you will be saying when you use the "WOW" That's It Detailing spray. This detail spray will clean your car better than any other product currently on the market. This detail spray is perfect for keeping your car looking its best between carwashes and is a great way to give your car some extra shine when you arrive at a car show. The Carnauba Wax #1 and the Essential Oils treat your surfaces like royalty. Get that deep glossy glow and protection of a quality synthetic wax. This is a quick wipe with this detail spray will remove any dust and dirt from your drive to the show and keep your car looking its absolute best. One of the best things with this detail spray is that you can apply it in any temperature between 33° and 125°! So you no longer have to stand around waiting for your car to cool off before you can start detailing your car. You can pull in and almost immediately start wiping your car down. You will also never have to worry about trying to find some shade to detail your car with the "WOW" That's It detail spray you can get great results even in direct sunlight. Using this product could not be easier to just three simple steps. Just spray on, wipe off, flip over the towel and dry. "WOW" That's It Detailing Spray can be used alone for paint protection, but it also makes a fantastic maintenance wax for existing base coats. This will give you a great-looking streak-free shine with half the effort of many other it detailing sprays. If you are looking for the best detail spray available for your car look no further than "WOW" That's It.


"WOW" That's It Rubber and Vinyl Dressing 16oz $15.15 With Code PHIL5 At Checkout.

If you are looking for a nongreasy long-lasting dressing to put a shine on your plastic, rubber, and vinyl automotive parts look no further than this dressing from "WOW" that's it. Many automotive dressings while they look great they feel super greasy. Many times when used on tires these dressings will sling off the tire and cover the sides of your car in the greasy dressing so then you will need to go and wash your car yet again just to get the stuff off. The "WOW" that's it is designed to quickly and easily to give your plastic, vinyl, and rubber a great shine but it is also nongreasy and will not sling off of tires and cover the sides of your car. This dressing also lasts longer than many others dressings on the market you will be able to wash your car three or four times before needing to reapply additional coating of the "WOW" that's it dressing. But don't think this stuff only works on the tires of your car. This stuff is a great way to clean and protect any rubber, vinyl, or plastic surface on your car including the engine bay and interior. Cleaning and protecting your car can become overwhelming at times this dressing from"WOW" that's it will make your job keep your car looking great easier and more enjoyable.


"WOW" That's It Liquid Spray Wax and Sealant 16 oz $18.95 With Code PHIL5 At Checkout

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to wax your car this spray wax is just what you're looking for. "WOW" That's It liquid spray wax and sealant is a super easy and effective way to could wax on to your car. It is made with Carnauba Wax #1 and essential oils for a quick and easy application. This wax is not like many other spray waxes that spray out and run around like water. This stuff is literally liquid wax but it sprays out so easy you are able to quickly and easily wax your car. This product gives you the high quality shine the paste wax but without the effort. It will dry quickly with no streaks and leave an outstanding gloss. You can also use this spray wax to quickly add a shine to your car between washes. Like the other products in the "WOW" That's It line of automotive detailing supplies the liquid spray wax can be applied in temperatures of to 125°! So you no longer have to wait for a cloudy day or search for shade somewhere to wax your car you can wax a black car in direct sunlight without any problems of the product drying too fast or not wanting to buff clean. There are many other liquid spray wax is on the market today but none of them work as well as this spray wax. So if you're looking for a quick and easy way to wax your car look no further than this"WOW" That's It Liquid Spray Wax and Sealant.


"WOW" That's It GONE Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser 16oz $9.45 With Code PHIL5 At Checkout

If you are looking for the multipurpose cleaner and degreaser that effectively cleans your car but does not harm your paint this "WOW" that's it GONE multipurpose cleaner and degreaser is just a product for you. How many times have you discovered while washing your car some of road tar, grease, or dead bugs that just do not want to come off with regular soap and water? This multipurpose cleaner and degreaser will quickly and effectively remove problems like that without harming your paint. This product also works great for detailing your wheels and brake calipers by removing excess amounts of brake dust debris to give your wheels and brakes a great looking show winning shine. This product can be used anywhere in or on your car. It does a great job of cleaning and decreasing your engine compartment, removing any sort of dirt or marks from the interior of your car as well. Like all the other products in the WOW That's It product line this cleaner can be applied in temperatures up to 125°! This will allow you to quickly and easily remove anything that has happened to your car on the way to a car show to make sure it looks its best at all times. You can clean your car by either spraying on and wiping it off for light road dirt and brake dust but if you have a bigger mess this spray some on let it sit and soak in for a few minutes and then simply rinse it clean. This high quality made in USA cleaner and degreaser is sure to become your new favorite cleaner.




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