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    A good hallmark of any company is thinking ahead and preparing itself for the next iteration of performance. At the same time, recognizing the models that laid the foundation. This is what brings Signature Wheel into preparing some maximum fitments for the ongoing GT350/R, as well as the upcoming GT500.

    Over the last few years I have been through 8-10 sets of wheels on my own GT350 and GT350R. Each set came at a personal cost of a few grand, but the ability to test wheel, tire, and offset combinations on my own car was important. Fully understanding and being able to explain what will and will not work on these cars is what I believe sets us apart from other companies. Through that process I have a gained a better understanding of what these platforms want, both on track and the street.


    It has been confirmed through a reliable source that although many dealers will get allocations for the GT500, not all will be allowed to order them with the Carbon Track Package. Whether this is due to a commodities issue or Ford seeking to keep the top of the line model rare it will leave a lot of folks looking for a better wheel/tire combination for the street and track. Ford never wanted to have a GT500 and GT500R model, but this is another way of having the same limited production we saw with the GT350 and GT350R. If any of you have seen the front offsets of the GT500 we anticipate the sunken in look of the front wheels is going to leave many wanting more. Luckily Signature Wheel is happy to oblige.


    The GT350 and GT500 will have many similarities in terms of suspension geometry and philosophy when it comes to track performance, meaning many of the lessons learned from the GT350 will carryover. The newer GT500 brake system is really going to change the game as the car will come with a 20” wheel standard, and 19” wheel fitment unlikely to be an option. With a bridge design similar to the GT350 caliper we would also anticipate many aftermarket 20” options causing caliper/barrel damage as seen on the GT350 as well. This is what brings me to introduce our new maximum fitments for the GT350 and GT500.


    On the GT350 we have had great success with the 19x11.5 square setup on track. This fitment allows you to run a 315/30/19 Pilot Sport Cup 2 at all 4 corners and rotate the wheels/tires side to side. We also have recommendations for a great street tire. As a street or track setup this will give you plenty of the grip you need.


    Street testing for the 20x11.5 square setup for the GT500/GT350 has gone extremely well. This setup allows you to run a 325/25/20 square on the street with no rubbing, scrubbing, or modifications. We also have several other street/track tire options depending on the look you want, road conditions, or sidewall needs.


    I cannot wait to take care of those first lucky owners that bring a GT500 our way. Weights for the monoblock 19” - 20” setups fall between 21-26 lbs depending on the offset and wheel design. I would be remiss for not mentioning that 19x12 and 20x12 rear fitments are also available for those drag strip lovers. However, they have not yet been tested for that environment, and generally push the limits of inboard/outer fender clearance under suspension compression conditions.

    Happy motoring!

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