Sync 2 defaults to Messages screen after switching off rear camera

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    I have a really annoying issue I can't fix.
    2015 ecoboost + sync 2 with latest firmware.
    I have my phone added as a bluetooth device and it's connected by default automatically.
    When I get into the car and start it - Sync 2 is on the main screen. Phone get's connected somewhere in the background. I start driving and often I need to use reverse to get out of parking place. It turns on the rear camera screen. One I go back into drive and camera is off I expect Sync to go back to main home screen where I was before. Instead it goes to the screen with messages/contacts, etc. Even more - if I tap on the home screen icon - home screen does not appear like if Sync thinks it's already on main screen. I have to tap and go to any of 4 other screens like the climate and only then I can go back go main home screen. I have to do it every time I drive the car and it's SUPER annoying. Once you go reverse once and do these procedure to go back to main screen issue does not appear anymore - I can use reverse and stay on main screen once camera is off until I turn off ignition and start it again.
    I can reproduce this issue 100% of times without even starting the engine - just turn ignition on by clicking start button and go to reverse and back into P staying on place.

    Here's a youtube vid: (sorry for the quility).

    If I do not have my phone connected - issue does not appear, but I'm listening to music via bluetooth 100% of time so it's critical to have phone connected with autoconnect and autoplay being on.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated :)

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