Streetfighter 1250 HP Intank Fuel Module

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    StreetFighter is proud to release the Mustang 1250hp Fuel Module, suitable for 2015-2017 GT & 2018/2019 GT, 5.0 V8 (including Bullitt).

    With the Mustang GT 5.0 being tuned to amazing power levels comes the need for a high performance fuel system.

    No other Mustang fuel module in the world supports this much power with the same efficiency, functionality and fuel delivery of the StreetFighter 1250hp module.

    StreetFighter has met this need with a direct replacement high performance fuel module that will perfectly support power levels from standard all the way to 1250hp.


    The StreetFighter 1250hp Fuel Module is a direct replacement system. Meaning you can remove your standard module and fit the StreetFighter module with ease.

    StreetFighter 1250HP Mustang Fuel Module details:

    • Complete fuel module / direct replacement fit
    • Highest performing/flow fuel pumps available
    • High flow canister, distribution manifold and fittings
    • Supports standard power and up to 1250hp
    • NO surge in all conditions and fuel levels
    • Eliminates the need for voltage boosters
    • No extra load on your vehicles electrical and charging system
    • Cool dense fuel / creates extra power and economy
    • Optimum pump life
    • 100% compatible on all fuels
    • Ethanol E85/ E100 compatible up to 10,000 hours
    • Easy hassle free fitment
    • Manufactured in Australia

    Watch the video explaining the benefits of the StreetFighter in-tank fuel module setup on our
    YouTube channel here

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