Steeda Ride Specific Packages - Now Available

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Mar 21, 2014
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2019 Steeda Mustang - White Carbon Edition
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Hello All:

We see a lot of customers trying to dial in their S550 for either comfort, handling or to tear up the track ... but they are not always sure which springs/shocks will be best suited for their taste.

We decided to take the guess work out of it & create three (3) specific packages to suit your taste:

Steeda S550 Mustang Comfort Suspension Package (15-17)

The Steeda comfort package includes one of the hottest selling springs on the market - the Steeda Progressives. We paired them with another incredible product - the Steeda Fixed Pro Actions. This kit will provide a sharper steering response, improved vehicle handling, and stability, noticeable reduction in nosedive all while maintaining an extremely comfortable ride quality!

Steeda S550 Mustang Handling Suspension Package (15-17)

With Steeda’s Adjustable Pro-Action Shocks and Struts and Linear Sport Springs, your S550 Mustang will handle like the track car it was intended to be. This kit will provide optimize the center of gravity and suspension geometry creating a huge improvement in handling with a noticeable reduction in nosedive, launch squat, and body roll, while still maintaining an outstanding ride quality for daily driving!

Steeda S550 Mustang Track Suspension Package (15-17)

A race proven kit that is already putting Steeda’s own #20 S550 Mustang atop the podium, the Track Ride Package comes with Adjustable Pro-Action Shocks and Struts and Competition Dual Rate Springs. Steeda's Competition springs have the highest rates on the market but still, maintain a comfortable and enjoyable ride when put on the street.

Add the Steeda billet rear shock mounts to any package to complete the ultimate in drivability!

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