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Discussion in 'Mustangs For Sale' started by Drp1389, Jun 21, 2020.

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    2016 mustang gt pp 9100 miles still looks drives and smells like new always stored inside has never seen rain or snow. Mileage will go up slightly as I need to get the o2 sensors to read ready for inspection that’s why it currently has an r sticker. I am going to try to drive it as much as possible in the upcoming week to get the monitors to read ready. Currently making 650whp $38,000obo
    *vin number 1fa6p8cf0g5305845

    *whipple stage two supercharger with intercooler

    *mmr oil pump gears

    *mmr crank gears

    *qa1 carbon fiber drive shaft

    *drive shaft shop 800hp half shafts

    *barton hybrid short throw shifter

    *apr carbon fiber front splitter

    *liquid vinyl rear defuser

    *liquid vinyl side skirts

    *elenor side window louvers paint matched

    *foose side scoops paint matched

    *steeda ultra lite chassis jacking rails

    *steeda adjustable differential bushings

    *steeda clutch spring assist

    *steeda irs subframe alignment kit

    *steeda subframe bushing support

    *shawn foster stage two whine mod

    *ceramic tinted windows

    *corsa extreme catback exhaust

    *diode dynamics switchback led turn signals

    *steeda hood strut kit

    * diode dynamics led rear led side marker lights

    *ford racing track shock and strut kit

    *steeda progressive springs

    *need for speed project 6gr wheels 19x10 front 19x11 rear

    *bmr front sway bar end links

    *raxiom led reverse light

    *ati damper

    *ati balancer bolt

    *jlt 3.0 oil separator

    *jms powermax boost a pump

    *gt350 steering wheel. *ecoboost boost gauge

    *widebody flares painted to match C51148B1-15AB-4E94-A8DB-29EC6AE7CA1C.jpeg 7717E417-7D3A-42A9-829B-5A9B8F812044.jpeg F51A46C8-33B2-4DEF-81CC-3FF833A430F2.jpeg 10939F64-4BA7-4698-BFE6-8EABDE0D3642.jpeg 08DB8831-B09C-412A-B709-4BAF754B6D75.jpeg 33C33B32-43DB-42E0-885F-0B09A1234D6A.jpeg 8317E098-A09D-4A68-B7F6-80DCFDA921D8.jpeg 9E91BD59-1522-42DE-A862-8B25A7099ED1.jpeg 6F661A95-FBAB-42DB-A732-9E56AC9CFF1D.jpeg B049F28E-A5B9-4AAE-8D36-5C9732365834.jpeg D39C6104-9BD6-4F05-884A-2A7E1B9FF756.jpeg 98B03D35-8BBF-4B3E-95E5-8F8331657A54.jpeg 27C35125-1514-4E14-A85E-1E80F13AE1C5.jpeg B0D564D0-8EFC-48DB-8662-026D5F55C85D.jpeg E22491C3-7616-450F-B173-B6F8B07C0747.jpeg 37FC6183-3E01-4516-8D4C-D8EE9AEDF4D3.jpeg
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    Hey I'm interested shoot me a message!

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