#S650 #Mustang Mules Spied, Tridents at PITS, F-150 Rattler, & Team Steeda Racers | NEWS

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Mar 21, 2014
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Hold on tight, we’ve got a lot of new news to help you stay up to date! There's new information on the interior of the S650 Mustang as well as a new and bulbous-shaped front-end on a test mule Mustang too! Along with that Ford news, the new F-150 Rattler should be shaking up the market too as an entry-level off-roader.

On the Mustang upgrade front, our new Trident wheels took over Ponies In The Smokies with four cars riding on them! These wheels look amazing on all colors, and their debut at PITS shows how much people enjoy them on their rides.

To round off, Team Steeda Racer, Robin Burnett, took a new lap record in Spec Iron at the National Corvette Museum course in his 2010 Mustang GT! And Team Steeda Racer, Matt Ballard, brought home a new personal best in his turbocharged S550 Mustang, running a 7.98-second pass! Finally, Steeda founder, Dario Orlando, got back behind the wheel of our #20 Road Race Car at Palm Beach International Raceway for the last time with the closing of the track. However, after many repairs and replacement of the motor with the factory 5.0L, we were able to keep up with the more nimble and handling-focused cars such as the Miata, coming in 24 seconds before the second in his class and running fastest the full field!


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