Pair of Oxford White S550 GT front wings (with black 5.0 badges)

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    Pair of front wings for a GT. £300 or will split. £200 for passenger and £100 for driver's.

    Passenger side undamaged, driver's side has very minor damage that can be easily rectified by a bodyshop. The damage at the front is mostly the PPF that was fitted but will no doubt need some rectification underneath.

    I fitted a GT350 front end following my crash hence not getting it repaired as they were just removed.

    Fitted with black 5.0 badges. There is a tiny mark on the driver's side one on the corner of the zero.

    Obviously the PPF and Martini stripes can be easily removed.

    I can bring to a southern meet (South Coast Muzzers/Newbury/Newlands Corner are the ones I can be found at).

    20190904_124312[1].jpg 20190904_124357[1].jpg



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