Newbie Impressions to the 2020 Shelby GT500


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Jan 31, 2014
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Lithia, FL
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2020 Ford Shelby GT500 / 2020 Chevy Equinox
I picked up my Shelby last Friday evening. I've been working alot so I haven't managed to put too many miles on it. Out where I'm working there are too many wild critters running about. I just wanted to share some impressions of the car in the 322 miles i have driven it.....

The positives:
1.) This car is EASY to drive whether it be around town or twisty back roads going quick.
2.) This car has the BEST automatic transmission I've ever had in a car. The shifts are smooth and QUICK. I've noticed downshifts are more abrupt but still great. The paddle shifters are the best of any car I have driven and the reaction time to the inputs is amazing. This is the first of my cars with paddle shifters that I am actually using on the regular. Nice job Ford/Tremec!!
3.) The first time I started this car a lady was kneeling down behind it taking pictures of the exhaust. I didn't know it and started her up. The woman jumped up and proclaimed she thinks she just had an orgasm. I agree, I feel the same way every time I see it and hear it start up.
The looks of this car are beautiful. Love the front end and the back end. This car is sleek and sexy. The people who walk up to take pictures or come up along side on the roads to take pictures and give thumbs up is crazy.
4.) I love the fact that you can set a time span for "Quiet" mode startups. Ford, my neighbors thank you!! No really, my neighbor walked over and thanked me this morning. Cold start this morning was much better than cold start a couple days ago.
5.) I love that we can set a display mode that does not change regardless of the mode change you make with the toggle switch.

The negatives:
-1.) The gas mileage is terrible. I know I know...its not bought for that reason.
-2.) The front tire rock chutes...... they can sling some rocks down the rockers for sure. I have some rock blockers on the way. Additionally getting clear PPF applied to that region.
-3) As much as I love the Recaros..... getting in/out over those massive side bolsters is a pain. Even before I put my butt in the car the leather right there was scuffed up. The dealer has already ordered a new cover.
-4.) The toggle switches are only "up" direction which makes you have to cycle through all selections instead of just going backwards 1 selection.

I have a few visual mods / paint protection mods being done this week and then I'll concentrate on getting some miles on her to get to the break-in mileage for really spirited runs and then move onto getting her onto the track and getting comfortable with her.


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