BMR Suspension New Product Release - S550 Cradle Bushing Insert Kit - BK053

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    Cradle Bushing Insert Kit for S550 Mustangs

    Reduce cradle bushing deflection, cradle movement, and wheelhop on your S550 Mustang with a Cradle Bushing Insert Kit from BMR Suspension. Stock bushings have large voids, which causes excessive deflection. Built from CNC laser cut and formed stainless steel, these inserts fill the voids, reducing that deflection. The BMR Cradle Bushing Insert Kit (BK053) is designed to significantly reduce deflection in the stock cradle bushings. BMR’s stainless steel bushing inserts (front and rear) fill the voids in the stock cradle bushings, fortifying the bushings. The lower bushing-locating washers (rear) minimize vertical deflection by capturing the bottom portion of the bushing cup. BMR Suspension designed the BK053 Cradle Bushing Insert Kit for street performance, drag race, and handling applications. This 100% bolt-on kit uses existing hardware, allowing for easy installation with simple hand tools. Once installed, cradle bushing deflection is minimized with no change in NVH. BMR Suspension’s BK053 Cradle Bushing Insert Kit is available in stainless steel for long-life with no corrosion. Installation time is about 1 hour. Proudly made in the U.S.A.!

    To preview all of BMR’s high-performance suspension parts, please visit, email [email protected], or contact them at BMR Suspension, 928 Sligh Ave, Seffner, FL 33584, 813-986-9302, Fax: 813-986-8055.


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