Another set of tinted tail lights


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Jul 5, 2018
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Chicago, IL
2015 GT
I installed the charcoal smoked tail light kit over the weekend, and I wanted to give a little review and install tips. Short version: fairly easy install and excellent results. This is a great kit!

In the past, I've worked with the Anchor Room and American Muscle kits. I installed the american muscle tint on the 15-17 taillights, which are much easier, so that's not really comparable. On the 18+ tails, I tried the Anchor Room install first, and I just wasn't happy with the results. I couldn't get the pieces to line up properly, and I kept getting wrinkles/air bubbles. I ended up peeling it off and throwing it away. The AR material is like window tint, and I just couldn't get it to stretch well, especially when I used heat. I've seen good results from others, so I'm not hating on the product. For me though, I couldn't get used to how the material behaves. The material that Big Worm uses is SO much easier to work with compared to Anchor Room.

Big Worm Graphix uses a material more similar to vinyl, which I have a little experience using. I like that all you need to use is water (no soapy mix). Additionally, I didn't need to use any heat until after I had the film set. I used the included squeegee to lay the this flat portion down, then I moved to the bottom piece, then I folded it onto the angled piece of the tail light. From there, I did a bit of cold stretching to get the top section in place. It was in the low 80's in my garage, so that probably helped with the pliability. Once it was set and the bubbles were out (very easy to pull up, reset, and push out the bubbles), I did a final squeegee. Then I used the heat gut to roll the edges and corners, as well as set the rest of the film. I was taking my time, and it probably took me 30-40 mins to get all 6 panels done.

As for the color. If you like tint, go with the charcoal. It's dark, but in a good way (I like tinted tails). There isn't really any red visible when you're just looking at the tails. There is no issue with visibility of the brake/turn signal lights, as you can see in the pics. I tried to get full sun, which would be hardest to see the lights.


After (side view) lights off

After (side view) brake lights on

After lights off

After brake lights on


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