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Nov 17, 2014
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Los Angeles, CA
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S550 Mustang & Shelby GT350 platform
Alright guys so This isn't S550 related, but I wanted to share a recent project I was blessed to be a part of. We have a great client of ours who is a exotic car collector. We've been commissioned to work on some projects of his in the past and he really liked our work so when we found out he was bidding to get a Ferrari La Ferrari well my jaw damn near dropped haha. Nevertheless lets fast forward a bit and boom he picked up the La Ferrari, not only is it one of the most technically advanced Ferrari to be created it was also Production #1/499.

He wanted us to work our magic to individualize the car to his liking, and we couldn't resist so we set out on a intense project that lasted months with lots of R&D and collaborating with a number of people. We even had a 3d scanner in use to get the most exact info. Well We got the wheels made a custom one off design specific to the clients desire. The client loves the setup so for us that's all that matters, plus the perk of working on the car as well haha.

So about this car, well its amazing I seriously cannot describe the words to how gorgeous she is, the color combo, all the carbon fiber, the exhaust notes like seriously I was in bliss for a while.

Enough of me talking here is the official Video release of the collaboration between Need 4 Speed Motorsports & Vossen Wheels.



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