2020 Mustang HPP Ecoboost-no updates/new info?

Discussion in 'Mustang S550 General Forums' started by Billy1, Aug 11, 2019.

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    Ford announced this new model a few months ago ..and then nothing! Haven't heard: on sale date, upgraded internals, test by anyone, nothing. Anybody hear anything new or does Ford think we should stand outside the dealerships and wait until the car turns up and just buy it? Just like the 2020 GT500 Ford and the F350 7.3, Ford (maybe) releases 1 tidbit of info per month on each model.

    This new marketing mantra is pretty stupid if you ask me. A new vehicle purchase takes lots of planning so we need info on upcoming models well in advance.

    Funny off topic: stopped into a local Toyota dealer last week as I was doing business nearby. Wanted to see what the new Supra looks like in person(no, I am not buying one).
    - If you are 6 ft. & over you will have problems fitting in the car.
    -Dealer ADM was $40k (base is $51k)!! All I can say to that is :ha-ha.
    Salesman did say we could negotiate $40k ADM when I brought it up. Can't wait for these stupid ADM games when the GT500 comes out.

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