2020 GT Thud?

Jun 30, 2022
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2020 Mustang GT w/ Black Accent Pkg
Hey y'all. Finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of buying a Mustang GT. Its a 2020 with that beast 10 speed, 28k on the OD. Its definitely got the tick, but I'm not super concerned about that (might try ceratec at the next oil change). I've got another noise though that sounds like a slightly faint thud on the drivers side (of course I didn't hear it at the dealer). Its not rhythmic, actually a bit sporadic. You'll hear a thud a few times in a row then it'll stop, then it'll thud a few more times. I hear it at idle when the car is warm, and you can lightly feel it on the drivers side floor. I popped the hood and could hear it on the drivers side of the engine bay. Sounded like it was coming from the back. Anybody else heard something similar on their GT or know what it might be? I'm not super knowledgeable about cars, so I'd like some input before I take a car that I've had for less than a month to the dealer.

I tried to get a recording of it, but the sound is pretty faint on the video. It sounds very similar to what Dfeeds heard on the drivers side of his car during warm idle on this thread: https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/th...nocking-authorized-engine-replacement.110789/

NOTE: I have not driven this car hard. I've taken it to maybe 4500 rpms. This car will probably have a very easy life, at least as far as my driving habits are concerned.


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