1. Kooks RHD Headers - Will it work with LHD car?

    So I bought some Kooks green cats headers off eBay, didnt read the description so well, found out that the headers I bought are made for RHD Mustangs, gonna try to return them but dont know if the seller will accept a return Anyone knows if it's possible to fit them in a standard Left hand...
  2. drewzh

    BBQ tick on 2018 GT

    I posted this is another thread but wanted to give it some more visibility as I seem to be one of the first with the issue. Changed my oil at 3300 miles yesterday with the Ford branded/recommended, 5w20 Castrol Ford Professional oil. Before the oil change everything was quiet. I'd check the...
  3. drewzh

    RHD 18 and 19 GT oil filter location

    I just carried out what must be the most frustratingly difficult oil change of my life yesterday, changing the oil on my 2018 GT. All sources I found online show that on the US spec car, the oil filter is reasonably easy to access, behind a plastic panel secured by a single 7mm bolt. Getting...
  4. Aussie Ebay (TOG) headers

    So I've been tossing up the idea of putting headers on the mustang for a while now and I had noticed after browsing through the main part of the forum the American's have had some success with the "cheap" eBay headers, Maximizer is one of the brands I think. Anyway, I thought I'd have another...