1. Poll: 2018 Owners - Auto or Manual

    This is a poll if you own a 2018 Mustang GT - do you own a manual or an automatic car? Make your selection to vote! **ALSO** - If you have a manual car with an aftermarket clutch - post or PM what clutch you're running - I'm really curious what aftermarket clutches people are running.
  2. 2018 Flywheel Bolts

    The correct part number, and only option as of this writing, is : FORD OEM PART JR3Z 6379 A DO NOT USE ARP FLYWHEEL BOLTS AS ON THE 11-17 ON THE 2018+ GT - THEY HAVE LESS THAN .20" OF THREAD ENGAGEMENT! Original post below>>> Important - If you have an 18 GT with the coyote ARP Flywheel...
  3. 2018+ 5.0 Aftermarket Clutch Options?

    Just asking around to see if there are any aftermarket clutch Options out there for the 2018+ models that I'm unaware of. I saw mantic has a few available, but a starting price of about $2,100 didn't quite appeal to me. Any information would be appreciated!
  4. Mantic Clutches

    We are happy to announce that here at TeamBeefcakeRacing we are now carrying Mantic clutches. Mantic clutches are some of the best in the business. Mantic, exedy, mcleod, you name it, we have it. Let me know if anyone is interested!