1. Pennsylvania 2015-2017 Valeo Fog Lights

    Verified working and no broken tabs. $50 or best offer
  2. Forescan for 2013 GT500

    Hi, I am trying to use Forescan to modify the as-built data on my 2013 GT500. Problem is that I cannot see the BCM module in the module list. Can anybody verify that they can see this in the application? Please see attached for the current list of modules. I am trying to modify the fog...
  3. DIY Fog Lights Install

    I have Skylar sitting in my garage and I'm looking at her and she looks so sad without her fog lights. Has anyone attempted to install fog lights on their own? What possible issues could I run into? Parts needed? Etc. -CaptainRob91
  4. Day Time Running Lights without Fogs

    All cars shipped to Canada (and possible Europe) have been modified by Ford to display Fog lights during the Day Time due to original DRLs not meeting the DRL requirements in Canada. I think this is unnecessary and I like the cleaner look of the original DRLs on alone with no other lights. I...
  5. Fog Light Turns Off When Blinker is On

    Whenever I turn the blinker on, the corresponding fog light is turned off. Happens for either side. After the blinker is turned off, the fog light comes back on. Is this by design? Can anyone else confirm behavior or is this a one off? Thanks.
  6. Drive with DRL but without Fog Lights?

    Is there an option to drive in the daytime without the fogs and only the Day time running leds? I've tried switching all options in the light switch but I cant seem to turn the fogs off when I have it on the OFF option.