1. Lorenzocinque

    GT Florida-Miami Procharger parts-Pulley 8 ribs- ZPE Griptech 4.00 8 ribs-Bypass valve

    good day to all; I am selling these below items: -Procharger bypass valve + pipe elbow $185 (great condition) -Procharger pulley 8 ribs 4.00 ZPE Griptech $150 (as new! less than 500 miles) -Procharger pulley 8 ribs 4.00 $95 (great...
  2. Tang

    Florida PP Front Wheels

    For sale 2 PP front wheels 9" wide no tires There is some rash, not perfect ~34,000 miles. No center caps included $100 OBO for both Ft Lauderdale area local pickup only
  3. IPOGT

    Florida WTB 15-17 OEM PP springs

    Looking for a set of PP springs. I have a premium 16 non pp with the FP street handling kit, but I may want to go back to stock height. If I do I'd rather use the PP springs since the rest of the kit is PP. Thanks.
  4. KingBowser

    Florida WTB PP2 Splitter

    WTB Upper and Lower OEM PP2 splitter. I am located around Central FL area. Thanks!
  5. Best Service Dept in Jacksonville area

    Hey yall, I recently moved from Baton Rouge to Jacksonville. I brought the GT350 with me. Its a 2017 and the 3 year warranty is about to expire, but I plan to extend it. My question is which dealership does the best work on the 350 out here? My A/C compressor has been making noise since I got...
  6. KingBowser

    Florida PP Ecoboost Wheels

    Finally deciding to sell my old PP wheels from my old Ecoboost. They are in great condition except for one that has some surface rash from previous owner and a small chip. Included in pictures. They are 19x9 and the original take offs. Not reps Asking $450 OBO. Located in Melbourne FL. Can ship...
  7. Florida OEM 2016 GT Exhaust

    Selling the factory exhaust off my 2016 GT. This has approx 8k on it and is in great shape. It’s fully in tact and has not been cut anywhere. Great to be able to put your car back to stock for selling/trade in or to create a custom system with. Located in South Florida Pompano/Ft Lauderdale...
  8. KingBowser

    Florida Sold: Stainless Works Exhaust and Downpipe

    Finally putting up for sale the rest that remains of my Ecoboost I parted out. Was on the car for around 15k miles. 1. Stainless Works Catted Downpipe (One piece downpipe) 2. Stainless Works Cat-Back with Y-Pipe. Can sell separately, but work well together. Best sounding exhaust setup and good...
  9. dkbluedevil

    Florida 2016 GT350 Track Pack, Avalanche Gray

    Had this listed here 8 weeks ago for a few days and then took it down. Taking a new job with much longer commute, and my left knee has been killing me, so ready to transition into something more braindead relaxing to drive. For sale by original owner: $40k. 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350...
  10. Questions to where all events and meetups r?

    I live in Brandon and trying to find where the closer meetups are if anybody knows lmk I would to think most are near Tampa but I don't know of any
  11. Savage5.0

    Unicorn Mustang Wrap!

    Just finished my Unicorn Mustang Wrap (Wrap is 3M Psychedelic). The wrap changes with the amount of light it receives, It goes from dark grey (no sun) to a bunch of different colors depending on which angle you look at it from. I'm also working on wrapping the brakes in a red reflective...
  12. VibeMotorsports

    Velgen Wheels Authorized Distributor & Dealer- VMB5 VMB6 VMB7 VMB8 VMB9 & NEW Split5

    VIBE Motorsports • Velgen Wheels Authorized Distributor Velgen Wheels for Mustang 6G For pricing call 800-814-8423 ext 104 or PM us We offer financing!! Email: [email protected] Velgen VMB5: Available Sizes: 19x9 Front & 19x10.5 Rear | 20x9 Front & 20x10.5...
  13. VibeMotorsports

    Velgen VMB5 VMB6 VMB7 VMB8 VMB9 & Split5 FREE SHIPPING!!

    VIBE Motorsports • Velgen Wheels Authorized Distributor Velgen Wheels for Mustang 6G For pricing call 800-814-8423 or PM us Email: [email protected] Velgen VMB5: Available Sizes: 19x9 Front & 19x10.5 Rear | 20x9 Front & 20x10.5 Rear Available Offsets: ET35 Front | ET45 Rear...
  14. Dennis.P

    Help in Florida

    So I'm looking to purchase and install Eibach Sportlines. Only problem is I'd rather try to tackle the install with a buddy and some beer rather than paying a shop an arm and a leg. I've never really done suspension mods before so it'll be new to me to an extent. Anyone local to the Lake County...
  15. Infamous

    FL Tuners?

    Calling Florida residents! Would anyone know of a knowledgable and reputable tuner in the South FL area?
  16. Dennis.P

    Looking to buy 18" magnetic wheels

    As the title says, I'm in desperate need of an 18" Magnetic rim. A few weeks back, I had a small traffic collision which resulted in a curb and a cracked rim. Now, I really only need one. Looking to pay around $150, with tire and tpms. Pm me with any offers, or details you may have. I'm located...
  17. Dennis.P

    Looking for a group?

    So, I got to take my baby home back in December,and ever since, I've seen only a handful of 15's on the road. Have never gotten to meet any other owners in person. Anyone live locally or somewhat close to Leesburg fl? Would love to organize some meets or just some cruises to go on.