diy mod

  1. Rear Diffuser Delete

    I have a 2018 Mustang GT Premium 10 speed and I've tried searching everywhere and can't find anything. However I'm still up in arms about deleting my rear diffuser. Does anyone know how to cut and remove it? Any instructions? Any links? Tips or tricks?
  2. Trying to add BLIS and Adaptive CC - BLIS is installed and ACC done

    I am planning on adding BLIS and Adaptive CC to my car. The parts are not the big issue, but some of the connectors are. Does anybody know which connectors are used to connect the BLIS sensors? I mean C4369 and C4370. And some same question for the radar sensor. What is the connector...
  3. DIY : How to install lighted side markers to the EU 'Stang!

    !!! IMPORTANT !!! Like YLA G said, please don't cut the cables of the new Side marker, the Electronic is inside ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This are the US version of the sidemarkers. When I placed my order, the EU version was not yet available...