1. Ordered gt base on 12/17/21

    I ordered a white gt base on 12/17/21, anticipating delivery sometime in March. Is this an unrealistic expectation? 301A Black appearance package and active valve exhaust are the only options. Thanks!
  2. Who wants to start a business with me?

    Here's the elevator pitch: Premium hand delivery courier service. Every driver has a Mustang. It's called The Pony Express.
  3. 2019 mustang gt premium in production

    2019 Mustang GT Premium, California Special, 401a and active exhaust. I went in and ordered the car on april 27th. I added 401a on may 13th, and that's when it says the order was placed. Talked to salesman and got vin on june 10th. Started saying "in production" on june 20th. It is still in...
  4. Ecoboost at Southampton as of today. How long from there on?

    So i've been looking through the posts in this forum which has helped me a lot for my future modification plans and even get through the waiting time for my car to be delivered. So finally my 2.3 White Ecoboost with black roof (similar to someone in this forum with no plate P1USE) is at...
  5. How long till you were shipped?

    I have been tracking my GT for about 48 days now and I am at the 18 days left mark. Its currently "In Production". I might just be paranoid but I want to know how many days was it till cotus showed you were shipped. It is being built in flat rock MI and I live in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin...