cg fab

  1. Kentucky NW!! GT single turbo s480 return fuel system

    I’ve decided to keep my car under factory warranty. My single turbo starter kit is up for sale! Everything is new and never used. CG Fabrication T4 mild steel hotside no wastegate provisions. Vsracing s480 1.10 t4 87x82 turbine $2300 hotside and turbo GT350 return style fuel starter fuel...
  2. CG Fab Single Turbo Install

    Just a little sneak peak of a buddy's 2018 Mustang we have been working on. He bought the hot side from CG Fab and then pieced together the rest of the kit. There were a few issues and challenges on the 2018 to get the kit installed but I think its turned out pretty awesome! CG Fab T4 Hot Side...