1. 1crazymach

    16yr old drives 2020 GT500

  2. Goose17

    Getting to know the 2020 Shelby GT500 (video)

    I took my 2020 GT500 out yesterday and filmed this video. I start in the garage with a little walk around and then get the car outside to talk about the engine bay as well as the electronic dash/drive modes and features inside the cabin. After discussing features of the 2020, I hit the road to...
  3. Goose17

    My 2020 GT500 video!

    Hey all, Goose17 here. First post here... long time Mustang enthusiast and absolutely loving my 2020! After 3 days of detailing and polishing/paint correcting, I finally put together a video... make sure your volume is UP! The car had quite a bit of scratches/blemishes from the assembly line...