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  1. Jury Orders Ford to Pay $7 Million to Family of Mustang Crash Victim

    First of all, I wrote that before I even read about the shooting that day, so don’t even go there. Secondly, I suggest you read my prior comment to the one you replied to. I stated the exact reason why suing manufacturers for the use of their products having a negative outcome when the product...
  2. Sam's Big Brisket post

    And a Vidalia onion, cored and filled with a shot of Jack Daniel's single barrel from step 1.
  3. Jury Orders Ford to Pay $7 Million to Family of Mustang Crash Victim

    I agree whole heartedly. I thought about adding the comparison of the parents trying to sue gun companies after Sandy Hook but I didn’t want to jump into the harsher politics just yet.
  4. Jury Orders Ford to Pay $7 Million to Family of Mustang Crash Victim

    This is incredibly unfortunate for the girl and her family. Losing a family member is never easy, especially when they were so young. However, let's consider the ramifications of the precedent set with this ruling. This would open the door for other lawsuits involving other vehicles and...
  5. Headers install now Misfire

    Try swapping back to your stock injectors and have Lund send you a revision. I would consult Lund as much as possible before you start throwing random parts at it. Their diagnostic help is great.
  6. Steering Wheel "Darts/Jolts" Over Bums/Imperfect Road

    Even stock, the bump steer isn't really good in these cars. Several companies sell an adjustable bump steer kit to help correct this. Rule of thumb is the steering tie rods being parallel with the lateral link. If you confirm that your suspension components are all in good working condition...
  7. MT-82 vibration after new clutch and rebuild

    Better keep an eye on it. Driveline vibration is never good, and if it’s in any way tied to the clutch assembly, it can actually wipe out the main bearings in the engine.
  8. New Suspension feels fantastic

    I’ll clarify saying that I don’t recommend a 245 specifically, was just using it as an example. The tire size you run should correlate directly with your rim dimensions. I’d actually head over to the road course sub forum and search around for what people are running there.
  9. Tuner can't tune my cai and has given up on me.

    Sorry, I meant the ports on the intake manifold
  10. Tuner can't tune my cai and has given up on me.

    Have you checked all of the ports on the intake to confirm you have solid seals? Especially on the canister purge valve since it's such a wonky connection with the 18+ mani swap to begin with.
  11. If buying Long tubes , What or who’s fit the best?

    Generally, fit and finish with S550 headers follows the price point pretty closely. $1300-1700 headers tend to fit better than $500-800 headers. I went with ARH and absolutely no fitment issues. Also tucks in nicely under the car so it retains factory ground clearance.
  12. New Suspension feels fantastic

    Something to keep in mind when picking rim size and tire size combos is sidewall geometry. If you compare a 245 to a 285 on a 9 inch wide rim, you’ll find the 245 will be more responsive in corners. There’s some good info in this forum regarding recommended tire and rim sizes with this in mind...
  13. Tuner can't tune my cai and has given up on me.

    Just a spitball here but if OP possibly has some junked-up injectors, wouldn't the fuel pump's duty cycle be higher under WOT than normal?
  14. Tuner can't tune my cai and has given up on me.

    They aren’t the best. They were a go-to in the Ford / Mustang community because they are cheap and they usually work for moderate applications. But there’s nothing really high-end about them. There are some far better options for E85 capable injectors like from Injector Dynamics.
  15. Covid Shots

    You are correct but understand that rationality is based on emotion. And that emotion runs high. Consider the Anti-Vax movement. They say all vaccinations are dangerous, not just the one for Covid. The science doesn't back them up either (although they have "tons" of proof that say...