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  1. house advice

    I need to move in this area! Northern Ill is crazy with high taxes and prices!
  2. house advice

    Thanks for the advice on insulation.I’ll look into it. But yes it’s a basic neighborhood but I’m getting more house more garage and a full basement for the price of a old house that still needs work. More bathrooms and bedrooms as well. t the same price as something close to work for the both of...
  3. house advice

    I’m also looking to buy a new house. For us is send a lot for a old house close to family and friends or move out a little and get something brand new and yes I know new doesn’t mean no problems. But for the same price I can sit back and enjoy without jobs to do around the house.
  4. Slow GT 0-60 Time? (15-17 Manual GT 5.0)

    The no tune with cat delete I think would be stealing some HP. What’s your time In a 1/4 mile on the street?
  5. Slow GT 0-60 Time? (15-17 Manual GT 5.0)

    I had a 15 GT PP1 and the best I could do was a 5.0 second. I do have a 19GT PP2 now and the best is a 4.8. Both times are on the street. The first thing you should try is lower the air pressure in the back tires. I do better with out the launch control. My 19 can go past 60 in 2nd gear and...
  6. PP2 real life pictures

    Got a few pics on before winter wheels go on soon!
  7. Looking for recommendations on splash guards

    I have the Rokblokz in my gt PP2. I had them on for 5 months now. They help a lot since my cars wheels stick out pass the fenders. Very easy to install and no drilling. If you have the right tools you don’t even need to remove the wheels.
  8. How much louder!

    I have active exhaust with a X pipe. I’m think of getting the corsa extreme with Double H pipe. How much louder will the car be at idle and when on it? Is this more of a different tone and around the same volume?
  9. Winter wheels for GT PP2

    Then a 9” wide rim in front should work then
  10. Winter wheels for GT PP2

    I have a 19GT PP2. I need to know what sizes and off sets are able to fit with no issues. I believe the fronts are more of an issue with the larger rotors and brakes.
  11. Ford PP2 Front Splitter

    I have a PP2 and installed the front splitter myself. Did not need to drill any holes. The main thing is to have the right rivet gun. I did this install with out jacking up the car. Just need to have the right tools.
  12. Help! Pypes X pipe install

    this makes sense since my 15 GT didn’t have any heat shields on the stock system.
  13. Help! Pypes X pipe install

    I was about to cut the x pipe a 1” off the front was able to keep the heat shields. This also saved a lot of work getting them welds down from the heat shields. Hope this helps someone in the future.
  14. Help! Pypes X pipe install

    I have a 19 GT with the heat shields on the exhaust. I have a pypes x pipe that I’m trying to install. The problem is they want you to remove the heat shields. I was thinking of cutting the x pipe and the factory pipe to fit with the heat shields still there. Has anyone else done this.