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  1. Drag pack options

    For one thing, the tech inspector will question not being able to see stud threads if you want to drag race it. Also, the washers distort and get gouges in them. I'm trying some higher quality lug washers now.
  2. Drag pack options

    I have Racestar's with 28" tall MT radials that clear the Brembo's and don't rub. They're inexpensive when on sale but the lug nuts are an absolute pain. I would go with the Forgestar's like NGOT8R has if they're priced right.
  3. 11-17 23 spline Exedy Hyper single question MT82

    Bolted it on without spacers.
  4. 11-17 23 spline Exedy Hyper single question MT82

    Having to use a spacer was something I didn't learn about till after I did the install on my '15. Turned out fine. The engagement point is similar to stock but quite a bit heavier. Lots of chatter early on too.
  5. If buying Long tubes , What or who’s fit the best?

    2M catted version. $500 a few years ago. Headers fit fine and are 304 stainless so not going to rust. Probably not worth the risk of clearance issues for most people considering the effort involved installing long tubes. I took a chance and it worked out fine. Nice putting the money I saved into...

    The toughest part is finding the sensor brackets. Ford doesn't sell them. Where did you find them?
  7. Long tubes and stock exhaust

    It would be nice if they all gave an optional X or H pipe that accepted the 3" performance connect headers. Had to modify my Gibson with the extra catless extensions that 2M included with their headers. Obviously welding is required.
  8. What is needed to swap a 17 analog instrument cluster with

    Yeah someone else on this forum had the same problem when he added the 18+ analog. It doesn't seem to be a problem when swapping to the digital cluster though. It's still worth it to swap it out. Adjusting the mileage is easy as long as your 18+ has less mile's on it.
  9. What is needed to swap a 17 analog instrument cluster with

    My 18+ analog still flashes at 6900 in my 2015. I didn't increase it in Forscan yet. You will lose some of the CTA features. Only the mirrors will illuminate. The audible and dash display didn't work till I got 18+ blind spot sensors. Not a big deal but I like that feature.
  10. Slight hood bulge after battery replacement (from battery cover)

    Used to run with my cover off for a while but engine heat would get pulled into the HVAC system. Problem when you just want to have it set to vent. Your '19 might be different.
  11. Shocks for 2015 gt pp car

    Monroe OESpectrum #5512 if you want to get rid of the bounciness at a great price (Rock Auto). I also have a pair of Vikings that I use during spring and fall when temperatures are good for the drag strip. They can be adjusted to ride nice too but are noisier than the Monroes.
  12. Et Street from Tires

    Yes, but metal ones are sometimes required to pass tech inspection.
  13. Et Street from Tires

    I have them in the 28” x 6” size for 18” rims. I think they recently came out with that size. It is a radial but the tread pattern is not suited for wet roads like the SR series would be. They are a couple pounds lighter though. I’m running BMR drag springs.
  14. Removing trans on jack stands?

    It's definitely tight at the top of the transmission tunnel. Even tougher reinstalling. You have to tilt the engine back a lot. I used some wood blocks to secure it as much as possible.