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  1. RockAuto FL2087 oil filter

    CariD has them. Shipping is expensive.
  2. Mach1 vs GR Supra vs Nissan Z races (all auto) by Jason Camissa

    My wife owns a 21 Supra. The Supra is an absolute blast to drive and the B58 is super smooth and powerful.
  3. Looking for FL2087, Came in broken.

    At this point should we all just flood Ford customer service with complaints?
  4. Looking for FL2087, Came in broken.

    Yep, exact same thing I got. A local dealer has 10 of them.. Will not sell them, only oil changes done by them. Complete joke.
  5. Serious question for 500 owners.

    I think if you did the Carbonized with white stripes and black roof, it would be KILLER! This is my iconic silver setup like that.
  6. Painted Black Roof with Stripes

    Iconic Silver with black painted roof and white painted
  7. Is it huge downgrade to trade in my 2020 GT350 for a Stinger?

    THIS! 100% my experience with the Kia Stinger. My wife had one and we had it a couple of years. Before 20k miles it had the transmission, turbo, and alternator replaced. On the alternator the dealer and Kia fought back and forth on who was responsible for the repair. Our car sat at the...
  8. Which surfaces on GT500 are at most risk for chips?

    You might be surprised, but these cars don't get a ton of rocks on the rear quarters. The extension under the side skirts near the front tires is there for a reason. It protects the rear quarters. I have the front, hood, and fenders with ppf and that's it.
  9. My Silver HP Mach 1 has arrived !

    Not a Mach 1, but iconic silver on these cars is epic.
  10. Rumor: S650 Mustang 4-Door Sedan Will Debut in 2022 with 3 Engine Options

    I would buy one if it was awd. I just sold my 2017 Lincoln MKZ 3.0 awd and picked up a 21 BMW M340i xdrive. The list of quick awd sedans is rather short, and I don't want a crossover.
  11. '21MY Mach 1s are starting to arrive at dealers

    Get the silver! Iconic in person is absolutely amazing! My iconic GT500 for reference.
  12. Digital to analog instrument cluster?

    The analog gauges are the only reason I didn't buy a GT350.. Might as well get a rotary phone while you're at it.. Once you get used to the digital dash you will never want to go back..
  13. 2020 GT500's Scheduled For Production - Part 2

    I appreciate all of the help on the long journey and the multiple trips to Penske.... It was worth it in the end. I love my car. Thanks again Earl!!
  14. Whats your ONE mod?

    Nice! Love the color combo. Reminds me of my 10 GT500