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  1. 2016 Mustang Ordering Begins May 11th

    I want to order a GT350R bad! $500 deposit to order and Ford 6+ months to deliver. Gives me some time to save up for a real down payment lol Oh and the My Touch makes you want to beat the the device instead of touching it. Damn thing is useless and only understands "Cancel"
  2. Carbon Driven's GT Build Thread

    Everything is in some stage of production but just because its not posted doesnt mean its not being done ;) Thanks Freddy! You mean like the opposite of a grill delete?
  3. Carbon Driven's GT Build Thread

    I already looked at that and it may be hard to make as a replacement part but am giving it a try
  4. Carbon Driven's GT Build Thread

    Sorry just the standard uv protected gloss clear coat. No eta on availability right now but I dont see it being too long before its available. Just so many parts to do at once
  5. Recommended Socal dealerships/service departments?

    I second the nomination for Montebello Ford. Referred by Joe a few years ago for my GT500 clutch TSB. Yes, you cant drive anywhere in LA without hitting traffic anytime of the day/night or week. Plus everything is miles and miles away lol
  6. Knotts Fabulous Fords Forever - 04/19/2015

    If you want to show your stang in the show then you need to register. Need to stay parked until the show ends at 3:00 pm as per fire marshal rules and safety of show sight see'ers walking around. If you want to just meet up and roll with the registered stangs thats ok too but you will need to...
  7. Carbon Driven's GT Build Thread

    Thanks guys! Another pic
  8. Mustang Week 2015

    Thinking about attending but cross country without my stang will suck lol. Maybe I can have it trailered n fly over to meet it and then drive home after
  9. Red Calipers

    Whats the best paint and isn't powder coating them more durable?
  10. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Test fitted my latest prototypes Friday but finally got a chance to post pics :) Engine bay nearly carbon'd out :)
  11. Carbon Driven's GT Build Thread

    Updates: Engine bay nearly carbon'd out :)
  12. Hillbank Fords n Coffee 03.14.2015

    Had a great time seeing and meeting all the socal guys. A few of my pics... Got carbon? :)
  13. Hillbank Motorsports Blue Oval Saturday Meet 03.14.2014 - Irvine

    Yes but right now its going to be once a month and on a varying schedule of saturdays.
  14. Hillbank Motorsports Blue Oval Saturday Meet 03.14.2014 - Irvine

    Did anyone take video? That would be a cool site to see. 20+ stangs cruisin down the 5 at 7am