Another GT500 Prototype Spied in Arizona, Hiding Fender Louvers

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Whatever it’s called, and we’re calling it the 2019 GT500 until we hear otherwise, this unknown high performance Mustang prototype which first showed its face last year and was recently spied wearing fender louvers, has just been caught warm-hot weather testing in Arizona.

The heavily camouflaged front fascia of this prototype has a panel flap located directly above the wheel arch that suspiciously looks like it would be hiding those very louvers seen previously. And all that heavy cladding may be contributing, but the hood certainly looks like it’s providing shelter for a big forced induction V8.

Other changes that are hinted by the camouflage is a very aggressively protruding lower grille and splitter, pointing to some aerodynamic upgrades in the works, and wheel covers that are either hiding the carbon wheels spied earlier or something altogether new.

As one of our members pointed out, Arizona has a lot of snakes, which could make this big bad Cobra (dare we call it) sighting very appropriate.

Check out the 2019 GT500 Mustang/Cobra out testing in Arizona…


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