2019 Mustang Audio Engineering

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In Dearborn, Michigan, audio designers of another sort create sounds that tap into our desire for power and thrills. They are engineers at Ford Motor Company, designing acoustic exhaust sounds that excite the senses and deliver a note of performance.

“We’re probably the few engineers here who do not have to design to a number or a specification,” said Hani Ayesh, Ford exhaust development engineer. “Instead, we work to identify that signature sound DNA that connects drivers to the emotional expectation they have for a specific car.”

These automotive sound engineers rely on computational analysis to design, for example, a computer-controlled active exhaust system that opens valves – much like a saxophone or a large pipe organ – to change the sound of the car based on the mood of the driver.

Read more (and listen to) the audio engineering behind the 2019 Mustang.


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