2016 Shelby GT350 Review by Randy Pobst

Many have been waiting for Motor Trend’s well-respected professional driver Randy Pobst to get behind the wheel of the new 2016 Shelby GT350 Mustang and put the $56,970 vehicle (as tested) through its paces around a track.

Well the moment of finally receiving feedback on the performance numbers are here… sort of.

MotorTrend’s video review has Pobst testing the GT350 at the 2.68-mile Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in California and finishing with a lap time of 2:00.82.  This would be enlightening if not for the fact that it was the first time MT has tested at the track which means there is no basis of comparison to other vehicles’ lap times.

We do nonetheless receive a lot of great in-cabin commentary from both Jason Cammisa and Pobst, with Randy stating, “I don’t think anybody that buys a GT350 will be disappointed. It delivers.”  Camissa adds, “it is so nice and so refreshing when a company says ‘we are going to do something for the track’… and nail it.”

In fact, it seems Randy only had one word of caution for GT350 buyers: “the only thing I recommend … don’t drive the R first.”  This certainly has us chomping at the bit to see the GT350R reviews that are forthcoming.

See the video review in the forums.